Session One Artists


Rick Makala - Photographer

Rick Makela is a landscape photographer living in Clatskanie Oregon. His photography is a cross between the natural and man made worlds.

Rick states that north western Oregon is a beautiful place to live, and his goal is to try to capture some of that beauty. Photography allows him to share the landscape he enjoys while encouraging him to discover new places to photograph. A major part of the quest is to find soft beautiful light that properly illuminates the subject.

Rick views taking the picture as just one phase of being a complete photographer. Processing the image and being able to produce his own prints makes the whole process complete and much more enjoyable.

The camera used for the images displayed is a Canon 6D full frame DSLR. Images are printed by Rick utilizing Matte, Baryta, and Resin Coated papers.


Scott MacGregor - Multimedia

Scott MacGregor retired from a business of making theatrical fantasy into reality. He came to a farm of theatrical reality where business is just a fantasy.  He spends most of his time re-inventing the wheel.

"Many found objects possess a beauty that may have originally been a factor of their purpose which, for one reason or another, has become obsolete, leaving only the beauty. Sometimes this beauty is enhanced by the corrosive story time always tells. It is my hope to create provocative arrangements of this beauty."


Tracy Prescott-MacGregor - Acrylic & Watercolor

An Oregon native,Tracy Prescott-MacGregor spent over two decades working as an artist, animator and background designer for various studios in the Portland area."After years of working to create and design for others, I am enjoying a new phase of painting. There are no rules and I try to paint without critiquing myself. Sometimes, it is as if the paper reveals the illustration to me before I know what it is."

This group of paintings I call "Windows to Another world" is inspired by the practice of letting go of the outcome of the painting and embracing the magic of what arises from within.