Session Four Artists


Teresa Knight - Ceramics & Acrylic

As an artist, Teresa likes to create artwork that tells a story. Growing up in the rural Northwest, she developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Nature fills me with inspiration and she pours that into her art. Teresa enjoys utilizing various materials and mediums such as pencil, ink, acrylic, oil, watercolor and clay. Teresa feels the subject chooses the technique, each having a unique facet of expression.

Teresa has been a working artist since 1980 and a business owner since the year 2000, selling her work throughout the United States. In addition to creating and selling artwork, Teresa also publishes books. Another passion of hers is to teach and mentor emerging artists by encouraging and helping them to achieve their goals. As the President of the Columbia Arts Guild, Teresa is involved in her community promoting the arts, organizing art shows, festivals and collaborating with others to create public artworks.


Jaimie Barchus - Wildlife Artist

Jaimie hopes to bring to light the notion of capturing the beauty and essence of wildlife in ways that draws the viewer’s attention and introduces them to the world of the wild like never before.

As Jaimie continues to build her collection, she plans to navigate to other areas of the world that she has not yet explored. Her goal is to capture wildlife from all areas of the world. However, her deepest hope is that she can create a world for her viewers that brings them into the world of wildlife that they can see and feel the passion that she puts into her work.